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The EXPO aims to connect qualified tourism buyers and Tanzanian exhibitors, together with industry experts, investors, and decision-makers in the public and private sectors.


Salute! As a Voyage Maker, you strive to create vibrant memorable experiences for your guests. You are what makes Tanzania unforgettable.  

We share your mission, and we want to amplify you here in America!



Thank You! You create tailor-made destination experiences, and strive to showcase and enthuse prospective travelers, while assuring them of an satisfying experience.  

Whether you are considering to, or already feature Tanzania as a destination offering, let's make it even better!



Welcome! Whether you are serving the diaspora  with needed products or services, you are considering or doing business/investing in Tanzania, or you are making a social impact to the people of Tanzania, here is the place to connect with people, decision-maker, and the changemakers.

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