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 our moment, our place, our people


Organized by you, for you, the convention is your home away from home.


Unlike no other, the convention offers you the chance to rekindle old connections, deepen existing connections and forge new ones with others outside your State and beyond.


It is your opportunity to engage in crucial and constructive dialogues, be ignited with ideas to broaden your horizons, while having priviledged access to key dignitaries from home.

Above all, come and get recharged, and enjoy a fun, relaxing, and inspiring experience,

while making lasting connections.  

It is simply an unforgettable experience.


Where Diaspora Gather….

With diaspora attendees from across all US States, the Americas, and beyond in one location for four days, the convention is the premier gathering place for Tanzanian diaspora in Northern America.


Where News is Made…

It is where new products are launched, where businesses and new customers find each other, new partnerships and relationships are ignited, and where newsworthy announcements are made.

Where Diaspora are Celebrated…

It is the place where well-deserving recognition is awarded exclusively to the diaspora and by diaspora. We proudly recognize and honor our own, those tirelessly moving mountains for themselves, their families, and communities at home and in America.


Where Culture is honored…

Through language, food, art, music, and fashion, we honor our cultures, offering a needed cultural refresh from the everyday life in America.  

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