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Discover the best of Tanzania's tourism industry at CTDA24!


As your hosts, Tanzanians living in US, we are passionate about making strong connections between the two countries we call home. We’re Your Insider Source and Connection into Tanzania’s Tourism.


Tanzania is one of Africa’s multi-award winning and top travel and tourism destination. We pride ourselves with exceptional safari adventures, breathtaking views of the highest mountain in Africa and Savanna plains, calming white beaches with lush blue waters, warm and friendly people, rich history, and unique cultural heritage. Our amazing Tanzania offers an unforgettable experience for those who venture it. 


Learn about the latest and greatest in African Safari, coastal beaches, Astrotourism, Sports tourism, and more. Whether you are responsible for creating itineraries for budget to high net-worth leisure, you will find your answers about Tanzania right here in America!




Who should Attend?

We are pleased to welcome US-based travel companies interested in destination Tanzania and Zanzibar.


The CTDA24 EXPO is a business-to-business gathering where deals are made. Therefore, the buyers attending must be decision makers, looking for new partners and ready to negotiate new pricing, packages and sign deals. Buyers should have up-to-date profiles, and a member of a travel association. 

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Why Attend?

  • The CTDA24 EXPO is exclusively about Tanzania's tourism - get deep insights of what the country has to offer to your guests. 

  • Get essential insider information you won’t find anywhere else. 

  • Go beyond online ratings and reviews and get behind the scenes to select genuine partners to curate quality experiences for your clients. 

  • Cut through the red tape and bureaucracy sometimes experienced with visa processing, airport experience, and park permits, to save time and money. 

  • Engage with a variety of carefully curated Tanzanian tourism products across a vast array of price-points.

  • Keep abreast of trends and new developments within Tanzania's tourism and travel industry.

  • Meet the country's industry stakeholders and decision makers face to face.

  • Opportunity to negotiate the best deals on these products, all in one place.

  • Be connected with local ancillary services and attractions to help you curate a smooth travel experience for your customers. 

What to Expect


  1. Admission to a 2-day exhibition, seminars, and B2B meetings.

  2. Ability to make pre-scheduled 30-min one-to-one business appointments with exhibitors before you arrive.

  3. Access to networking with Tanzania's exhibitors, industry stakeholders and decision-makers.

  4. Forge new relationships with our friendly US diaspora that can help you navigate the tourism industry with Tanzania.

  5. Meet journalists and influencers who are experts of Tanzania and can help you bring the Tanzania destination story to life.

  6. Company profile listing on convention website, program and proceedings, and with Tanzania Tour operators Associations and Tourist board.

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